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Medical Appointments

Where ever possible, parents are asked to arrange medical or other appointments out of school hours however we understand that this is not always possible. If you need to pick up your child from school for an appointment please inform the school office in advance bringing written confirmation of the time and location. It is an expectation that children will attend school before and after appointments.


Good time keeping and being punctual is a life lesson that is important throughout our lives. Our school day starts when the doors are opened at 8.45am and pupils are expected to be in the classroom, ready to learn, by 8.55am. Pupils who are regularly late miss learning opporutnities, such as guided reading sessions, as well as impacting on the flow of the lesson for the class as a whole.  Punctuality is monitored, alongside attendance, by our Pastoral Manager and the Local Authourity Educational Welfare Officers. Where punctuality is deemed to be a concern parents will be contacted and support offered. 

Leave of Absence during Term Time

There is no entitlement to take your child on holiday during term time. However the headteacher may grant leave of absence in exceptional circumstances. An application must be made in advance by the parent/carer with whom the pupil normally resides. Retrospective consent will not be granted.

Application forms can be  downloaded here or requested from the school office. It is the responsibility of parents to provide evidence in support of their application. This will be taken into consideration.

Parents/Carers may be issued with a penalty notice or prosecuted for taking their children out of school without authorisation from the Headteacher.

We hope that parents will work with us to ensure appropriate attendance for their child. If you would like to discuss a Leave of Absence request please make an appointment with the office.

Further information regarding term time absences is available from www.education.gov.uk

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